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Occupational Therapy

We at the Missing Peace  are huge believers in Occupational Therapy. Many of our clients benefit from this direct instruction. Our therapeutic sessions address the development of cognitive, physical, sensory and motor skills. Our team of Occupational Therapists provides sessions on location or in our brand new sensory gym located at our Center in Miami Shores; which recently opened February 2020.



The premise of Pediatric Occupational Therapy is to improve a child’s overall functioning in order to attain the highest level of age appropriate independence as possible. Some of the important daily living skills, or “occupations”, of children include play, school participation, self-care skills, and peer interactions.


Unintegrated primitive reflexes can affect the efficient functioning of the central nervous system, thereby reducing the child’s ability to meet developmental milestones.  Reflex intervention helps children with neurodevelopmental readiness for learning and behavior.  Reflex integration is not tested/treated by traditional therapies and not all occupational therapists are experienced in reflex integration! At The Missing Peace, we are able to provide standardized reflex testing and intervention with certified specialists. 


Our occupational therapists use playful strategies to make interventions fun and engaging for children of all ages. 

  • Babies: sensory integration, movement, tummy time, connecting, love.

  • Toddlers: exploration, learning about self and the world, music.

  • Little Kids: challenging what you know about self and world, creating, family.

  • Big Kids: experimenting with increased challenges, friendships, academics, developing interests.


Our brand new gym will be the perfect place to do the serious work of play! We will have swings, a ball pit, monkey bars, a rock wall and more!  In the gym, our team will use a variety of equipment that will offer sensory input in multiple and creative ways.  Research shows that novelty and variation stimulates faster neuroplasticity and sensory integration.


Meeting the child in their natural environment helps achieve application of functional skills more efficiently.  Intervention in the home also creates a more personal connection between families and their practitioner which allows for direct instruction and suggestions for use in the home. Convenience for families is also important for us! 


Our occupational therapists have vast knowledge of the important role that sensory integration and Neurodevelopment have in a child’s ability to reach their best potential! It is our mission to share this  knowledge with caregivers and teachers in order to maintain continued progress.


Although handwriting is a valid school related concern, it is important to understand all the underlying components that contribute to the establishment of handwriting skills.  This graphic is a great depiction of these components with neurodevelopmental milestones such as reflex integration being established as early as infancy.  Therefore, OT evaluations and sessions targeting handwriting should always include sensorimotor, visual motor, coordination, strengthening, perceptual, and fine motor/tabletop tasks. 

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