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Educational Services

Every child deserves the right to learn the way in which they will succeed best. The Missing Peace  is committed to using a variety of different forms of instruction in order for the child to gain understanding. A strong educational foundation builds the path for a child's future. 



The Missing Peace provides in class support during all academic times. Our Educational Specialists will navigate the classroom and assist your child one to one, allowing for clear instructions and expectations. Our specialists will implement a variety of techniques that your child can generalize and use to succeed independently within a mainstream classroom.


There are times in a child's academic career where they are in need for private teaching in an effort to reinforce skills, enrich conceptual understanding and be introduced to multiple learning strategies. Our specialists are trained in all subjects, allowing them to instruct across all academic areas. Using a hands on approach, our specialists tailor their instruction to the individual needs of each student.



Sessions on demand! Our qualified specialists are available for virtual sessions in all subjects. Children today are packed with activities and responsibilities, and the flexibility of virtual sessions has proven to be successful. Using a variety of tools via Skype, Zoom and other programs students have the ability to achieve their goals.



Singapore Math is a strong method with proven results. The key to Singapore Math is all in how you approach the curriculum. Singapore math teaches students the how and why of foundational math by building skills with the goal of preparing them for ‘the harder stuff.’ The approach is known for its focus on depth and concepts over memorization and drill. The Missing Peace has been trained in Singapore Math. We are well versed in bar models!!! 



Orton Gillingham is a language rich, multi-sensory approach to address any difficulties with reading, spelling and writing. We provide one to one Orton sessions to assist students with reading challenges. This approach is often used as one of the primary approaches for individuals with dyslexia. The structured, sequential approach allows your child to learn in a more flexible format as it utilizes the visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning styles.



Fast ForWord is an online reading intervention that targets learning challenges at their core, starting in the brain. Your child will complete a variety of auditory processing, attention, and memory exercises that look like reading or pre-reading games. After a few weeks, 96% of parents report their child is reading better, understanding more, is more focused, completing homework more easily, or has improved in several of these areas simultaneously.


We are offering homeschooling for grades K-12 in small groups to help ensure social-distancing guidelines while also promoting some much-needed socialization and in-person learning methods. 

Not ready to join a group? We are also offering 1:1 private tutoring either on zoom, at our center, or in the comfort of your own home. Our specialists are highly trained in a variety of subjects and will individualize teaching methods to best help your children learn. 

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