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Behavioral Education 

Behavior is one of the most important aspects of our being. It is who we are, how we interact and how we execute and plan our daily lives and actions. The Missing Peace  incorporates behavioral intervention in a variety of ways. Everyone learns and acclimates in different ways; our goal is to find the most productive and successful approach for your child.




Applied behavior analysis (ABA) is the use of certain techniques and principles to bring about meaningful and positive change in behavior. Our behavioral team has years of combined experience implementing ABA. We pride ourselves on creating an environment for a child that will allow them to generalize in everyday life. We are big advocates for providing ABA in a child's natural environment to create a more well rounded, well adapted child. The Missing Peace creates a plan that is tailored to each individual child allowing for growth and progress as soon as the child is ready.


You will hear us say that children aren't born with handbooks. Often times, we find ourselves in a parenting cycle that isn't the most beneficial for our family. We are here to help! Within your own environment, our behavioral team will create a more structured, effective way of parenting that will lead to happy days and nights. 


Supporting a child within their own classroom is the most effective way to put behaviors on extinction and allow the child to feel successful within their class. We work closely with the child's school, teachers and administration, to ensure that the behavioral plan is followed and success is achieved. If your child is struggling within their classroom, The Missing Peace is here to help. Servicing children in over 25 schools in the Tri-County area allows us to foster independent children, one student at a time.


Targeting behaviors through sports is one of the greatest ways to allow a child to develop patience, sportsmanship, cooperation, social perspective taking and more. Our specialists will come to a location of your choice and create a plan that will target behaviors in a natural approach.


What is executive functioning? Executive Functioning is a set of mental skills that help you get things done. We often see children are challenged by managing their time, organization and paying attention. Our specialists will create a plan and organize each student according to their own individual needs. 

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